Spring Flora Blooms In Tonto Village



Tonto Village is looking so pretty these days. The spring flowers, especially the different-colored irises, and the lilac bushes, are popping up everywhere, and the trees are beginning to bud out. The apple blossoms have already come out, so now we will be watching to see whether we will have another great year of apples.

If frost hits before the blooms have enough time to set, there may not be many apples in Tonto Village. Last year, we were lucky enough to have a bumper crop. We are all keeping our fingers crossed that we can harvest apples this year.

Tonto Village Chapel

Attention all members of the Church Youth Group. Pastor Ken Schroth will be chaperoning a field trip on Saturday, May 7, 2005. Everyone should meet at the church parking lot at 7:30 a.m. The trip will be to the falls near Mesa del Caballo. A picnic lunch will be provided, and you are encouraged to bring any other snack that you would like to munch on. This is the first field trip for the youth group, so all youth in Tonto Village are encouraged to participate and enjoy the day. If this activity is successful, there will be many more throughout the summer.

Get well wishes

Chuck Spalink is going through tests to determine the cause of the seizure that happened to him a few weeks ago. His mother, Rita Spalink tells me that Chuck has many more tests to go through to find out the cause. We wish him well and prayers will be said for his full recovery.

An update on Connie Weldon is truly encouraging. At last report, Connie has left the rehabilitation center and is now living temporarily with her sister Sherrie in Phoenix. Connie will still be going to rehabilitation sessions while she is at her sister's home. Connie's ultimate goal is to come back to Tonto Village in a few weeks. Connie's progress has been remarkable. We all wish her a speedy recovery so that she can get back to playing a serious game of dominoes with all of her friends.

Get well wishes to Jake Martin, son of Gary and Charlie Martin of Tonto Village III. Jake had the misfortune of falling while riding his bike. He crushed his right thumb. Jake now has several screws and a plate plus a bone graft from his wrist to repair his thumb. The really bad thing about this unfortunate accident is that Jake has finals coming up at NAU. Let's hope that his professors can make accommodations for him. We wish you a speedy recovery, Jake.

The dominoes group will be losing one of our players from Christopher Creek. Penny Wells has sold her home there and will be moving to South Carolina. Penny has been such an asset to our group, with her vast experience as a retired nurse and her love of Southern cooking has expanded the knowledge of everyone in the group. Penny, you will be greatly missed.

Tonto Village Fire District

Gloria Alliger, one of the fire board members, reported to me that the regular monthly fire board meeting has been rescheduled to May 21. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. at the Tonto Village fire station. Most of the fire board members and some of the volunteer firemen will be attending a conference in Prescott the first weekend in May. Mark your calendars with the date change.


Chuck Huth will be celebrating his big day on May 12. Chuck is a really good-natured guy who loves to visit the casino, play pool and even likes to cross dress occasionally. Chuck wanted to join in the ladies pool tournament not too long ago and was told by the gals that there were no guys allowed. Chuck showed up to play pool dressed as a woman. I guess he really wanted to play pool that day.

Pool results

The Tonto Village gals played at the Landmark this past Tuesday, and I did not receive any results. The Sunday pool games did get underway at 3 p.m. at the Double D. Winners were Cliff Landrum, Harvey Poyner and Pat Wheaton.

Mother's Day

Sunday is Mother's Day. Please do something special for your mother, mother-in-law, adopted mother, or foster mother. I know that she would be happy to just be remembered on her special day. She would love to be treated to a meal that she didn't have to cook, or be spoiled with a bouquet of flowers. You get only one mother in your life, so make her day by saying ‘I love you, I appreciate you.'

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