What's Up?


Q: On Veterans Day 1982, a time capsule was buried at the base of a community flagpole and a commemorative plaque mounted to the base. The flagpole is gone, what happened to the time capsule and plaque?

A: Barbara Orr, whose late husband, John, was involved in the ceremony, visited the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce recently and discovered the plaque is stored there. The whereabouts of the time capsule remain a mystery.

Q: Is it true that a roundabout was constructed in Prescott similar to the one being built in Payson,nd now it is being taken out and replaced with a signal system?

A: Dale Wachs, city of Prescott engineer, said that two roundabout projects were in the works: one is moving forward on Highway 89, and the other in the historic Mount Vernon neighborhood died from community opposition.

"They weren't pleased with the concept," Wachs said.

Wachs said a roundabout was built on Yavapai County roads, but was disassembled because of its poor design. He said that roundabouts can work if they're planned properly and have community support.

"I wish people would not throw the baby out with the bath water and give roundabouts a chance," he said.

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