Movie's Rating Creates Dilemma



With the movie soon to hit Payson, it is with extreme disappointment to learn "Star Wars Episode III" is rated PG-13 and not PG as the other Star Wars films have been rated.

s a mother of young boys and a Cub Scout den leader, I watch these boys snatch up Star Wars items.

Walk into any chain store in Payson and you will be bombarded with Star Wars merchandise on every shelf. It is not your 13-year-old purchasing light sabers, action figures and cereal with Star Wars characters printed on the front.
Now these young boys are begging to see the movie and putting their parents in a dilemma. I know parents who feel they need to preview the film before allowing their children to view it, thus making the movie's profits run even higher. guess we'll just wait for their reports.

Shame on the industry for selling their "stuff" to young children, but rating the movie for teens.

Kathy Arnold, Payson

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