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Re: History columnists

Thanks to Jinx Pyle and Jayne Peace-Pyle for stories about the old time Booth family other than the one famously pathetic homicide case. Not only must there be far more to say and know about those two men, but there were many, many, not so ornery and volatile, other family members whose stories, humors, efforts, etc, are by that one long dark shadow.

Re: A fence around Payson

I was born and raised here, but now live in Gilbert. Does that make me an outsider? The idea of a fence around the town with vigilantes is one of the most ignorant ideas that anyone could ever come up with. As a matter of fact, it is almost as if there is a prejudice against people who are not native to the town. Please recognize that Payson is a very much desirable place to live and raise a family. I personally am saddened by Mr. Monty's letter (May 6, Roundup) because it reminds me that some people are very closed minded and maybe don't realize that growth is not always bad, unless you look at it with negativity.

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