Statue Will Only Add To Roundabout Mess



I have heard various rumors regarding a statue to be placed in the middle of the roundabout being constructed at the entrance to Home Depot and I would like to know if there is any truth to these rumors or not.

One rumor has it that a statue of an elk is to be placed there, another that a statue of Buzz Walker will be put there.

Personally, I would prefer that nothing more is added to this mess to further complicate driving. But if we must have something in the middle of the road, why not just dry grass? That would match the landscape of rest of the town, excepting the all-important golf courses, and this would serve a dual purpose; as a fitting symbol of our community, and to provide an unobstructed view across the roundabout.

Besides, there will probably be live elk wandering through that location, so good visibility is a concern.
A statue of Buzz Walker would not be appropriate unless it is placed in the center of a waterless fountain.

I believe that a lot of accidents are in our future at the roundabout, and my opinion is shared by the fire and police personnel of Payson. Since these folks apparently have no sway with the planning department, at least try to make their job easier by not also hampering visibility across the intersection.

If there really is a "Master Plan" for this end of town, do you suppose that the parties responsible for that "plan" could find the courage to come forward and share their idea? I for one would appreciate knowing in advance exactly what other obstacles will be placed in an otherwise perfectly good road.

My sympathies go out to the folks who live on McLane and are about to get a taste of what I am sure will be a weekly, if not daily occurrence, as the traffic on Highway 87 is routed down their street while the final work is completed at the roundabout. Once the circus begins, traffic will be routed down their street often, so I hope many of them will complain, and loudly, about this fiasco so that we can get on with tearing out the roundabout and installing a traffic light, which should have been the choice in the first place.

Jim Estess, Pine

Editor's note: The Highway 87 roundabout is the doing of the Arizona Department of Transportation, not the Payson planning department.

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