Church Honors Freedom To Worship


Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness is a nondenominational, spiritually based center honoring all spiritual paths.

"The only way to describe PCSA is to step back from dogma," said former church president Larry Brophy. "There are over 22,000 different organized religions. Many of those religions think that they are the only path. If you don't believe like they believe, you aren't going to go to heaven. The vast majority of those 22,000 religions worship the same creative force that created the universe. We call it God. PCSA is a group that recognized the individuality of belief. We honor all paths that lead to God."


"You are welcome here if you are willing to be tolerant, cooperative and nonjudgmental. It is a wonderful cauldron for growth," PCSA's Larry Brophy said.

According to current president Pat Rollins, the people attending the center are from different paths and spiritual backgrounds. The majority are what Rollins calls "metaphysical Christians."

"Metaphysical Christians honor Jesus' message of love, nonjudgment and forgiveness," Rollins said. "We not only welcome all paths, we honor all paths and we respect all paths. There is no hellfire brimstone going on here."

"We're not born in sin," added board member and administrator Lynn Nelson.

The congregation at the center includes people from traditional church backgrounds, Tibetan Buddhists and Science of Mind faiths, to name a few.

The center does not have a specific pastor preaching to the congregation. Instead, their board-elected president coordinates Sunday speakers.

Sunday celebration speakers are as unique as the members themselves.

One week, Nelson spoke on the topic of sacred sound.

"Sound affects everything. My particular talk was on different chants and prayers from around the world. For instance, how those chants positively effect the growth of our cells in our bodies, our inner growth, our understanding of the God; the Supreme Being."

The weekend that John Paul the II made his transition, Brophy spoke.

The theme for the month was planting the seeds of change and Brophy did research on how John Paul became Pope.

Brophy found John Paul's original aspiration of acting fascinating.

"During World War II he met a shoemaker that put him on the religious path. Had it not been for the shoemaker, John Paul II might have never been."

The shoemaker sewed the seeds for change in John Paul's life, those are the kinds of things they try to share at PCSA.

Brophy said their organization is most fortunate and blessed to have retired Stanford University professor Dr. William Tiller in their congregation.

Tiller is one of the foremost experts in an area of quantum mechanics called psycho-energetics, said Brophy.

When Tiller speaks their meeting hall overflows with people and energy.

Prayers for healing happen every Sunday, but there is a special emphasis on deep prayer for the needs and prayer requests on the third Sunday of the month at 9:45 a.m.

A variety of other activities happen throughout the year, such as deep prayers and meditations, prosperity workshops, chanting and potlucks. Summer is the time when people want to be out of doors, so regularly scheduled workshops pick back up in the fall.

PCSA is self-supportive and raises its own funds at events like the Spring Fling and the coming parking lot sale on May 28.

While PCSA does not hold community fund-raisers per se, they do tithe the Time Out Shelter and the Payson Senior Center.

PCSA formed about 12 years ago in Payson and has been meeting at the present location at 107 W. Wade Lane, Suite 2 for the past five years.

Sunday celebration services are at 11 a.m. followed by fellowship and refreshments.

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