Don't Knock Roundabout Until You Try It



After reading several negative letters about the new roundabout, I must add my own comment.

I am no expert on roundabouts, but have had some experience driving through them in, they were terribly intimidating at first, but so was driving from the right side of the car on the wrong side of the road and shifting with my left hand.o, the roundabouts were not my only concern, but they did turn out to be easier than any of the aforementioned concerns.

It took only a few times through one to discover the simplicity of going throughhese intersections.ince traffic only goes in one direction, after you stop, you need only to look in one direction, unlike a four-way stop sign where you must look in all directions to ensure a safe crossing. Once you stop and look to the left, once clear you proceed with no further concerns other than to exit at your desired road.

Granted, in Ireland there was a time or two my daughter and I made a couple of full circles before we could decide which road was the one we wanted, but there were also three to eight roads joined at these roundabout intersections.
I can only ask if the people who seem to so strongly object to a roundabout have actually driven through them regularly?fteriving near the four-way stop sign at McLane and Longhorn and seeing first-hand how many people have a problem knowing when it is their turn, I think a roundabout is a great choice.t eliminates the possibilities of many collisions that regularly occur at an intersection with a light, stop sign or neither.
Cynthia Gabel, Payson

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