Making Mountain Out Of Roundabout



Reading the Roundup's Mail Call, you would believe that when the new roundabout opens it would behoove the fire department, ER, ambulance chasers, and Payson police to open up facilities adjacent to the intersection. The pileups will be so horrendous and frequent that McLane will have to replace 87 as the main highway through town.

Come on folks, this is a simple type of intersection used successfully all over the world and it has two major benefits.t's cheaper to install and maintain, saving taxpayers tons of money, and the traffic flow is continuous.o avoid contact with another vehicle, simply don't enter the circle unless your entrance is clear, and stay in your lane as you proceed through the circle. The concept of use is very similar to an intersection with a yield sign at each entrance.

As for a statue of an elk in the middle, what a great idea.t would give 87 through Payson some class, which another traffic light could never do. It would put Payson on the map in the minds of Arizonans. can imagine a conversation now:

First person: "The wife and I spent the weekend up near Payson."

Second person: "Payson?here is that?"

First person: "It's that town at the foothills of the Rim with that great statue of an elk in the middle of that roundabout."

Second person: "Oh, yeah. know that town.hat a great place.oo bad they put a fence around it."

Dave Sutherland, Payson

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