Visitors Asked To Supervise Children In Tonto Village



This past week has been a very hectic week for the Snyder family. Last Thursday we left the Village to head for Sky Harbor Airport to pick up my youngest daughter. She was flying in from Denison, Iowa to attend with us, the wedding of one of my granddaughters in Yuma.

On Thursday night, with barely enough time to unpack proper clothes, we headed to the rehearsal dinner at the bridegroom's mother's home.

Would you believe that it was cold that night? The wind was blowing so hard that the beautiful decorations on the tables blew away.

The day of the wedding, the wind blew and it was cold. Most of the bridesmaids wore strapless gowns and they were all scurrying around for some kind of wrap. The wedding was still a success, and the newlyweds headed to Disneyland for their honeymoon.

Saturday and Sunday were busy seeing the rest of the family, and celebrating Mother's Day. One of my sons-in-law, prepared a delicious, six-course meal, which included crab legs and filet mignon for me and my daughters.

What a feast and a treat for us. All we had to do was enjoy the experience, he would not allow us to lift a finger to help.

By Monday morning it was time to leave to take our youngest daughter back to Sky Harbor for her flight back to Iowa.

The next morning, I was checking my e-mail on the computer, and our best fishing buddies, Rick and Theresa Meeker, of Tonto Village II and Scottsdale, e-mailed us that Rick would be going in for kidney surgery that morning.

We headed down to the Mayo Clinic and arrived in time to see him before his surgery.

I checked with Theresa this morning and he may be able to come home to recuperate in a day or two. We wish Rick a speedy recovery so that we can all go fishing again.

Mother's Day flight

In the meantime, back in Tonto Village, on Mother's Day, a Native Air helicopter came in to pick up Darlane Leonard and fly her to Barrows. Darlane is fine now, but the doctors are keeping a close eye on her. Darlane tells me that she appreciates everyone's help, especially Tally Cassuto, J.R. Alliger and Jan Davenport for taking care of her while they waited for the helicopter.

Tonto Village Fire District Auxiliary

The auxiliary is co-sponsoring a pancake breakfast with the Fire Sirens at 8 a.m., Saturday, May 28 at the Christopher Creek Fire Station. In conjunction with the breakfast, baked goods will be sold. The Fire Sirens are asking for donations from Tonto Village and the surrounding fire stations of any baked goods. Please call Janet Snyder at (928) 478-4575, Phyllis Mullen at (928) 478-4842, or Diane Ham at (928) 478-0404. We can pick up your donation or it can be left at any of the gals' homes mentioned in this column.

Don't forget the Tonto Village Fire Board meeting that will be held May 21 at the fire station. The meeting starts at 10 a.m. and is open to the public.


Sue Prach of Tonto Village I will add another candle to her birthday cake on May 16. Sue has joined the ladies domino group. We enjoy having Sue participate in the antics and good fun and good food every Wednesday. Annette Godfrey is another gal who is of the domino gals, or as we call ourselves, the Domino Divas, and Annette will celebrate her birthday on May 17. Although Annette lives in Payson, she travels to Tonto Village every week to join in the fun and camaraderie that all the gals enjoy.

A word of caution

Memorial Day will soon be upon us, and there will be many of the part-time residents who will start their summer residency in the Village on that weekend.

Many of them bring their all-terrain vehicles and children with them. Many very young children have been hurt by those big machines and it looks as if they are not using much sense in speeding over the bumpy forest ground. The Forest Service does not allow young children to ride on forest land or on the streets. I personally have watched kids speed past my house with three or four children riding on the back. It's just a matter of time before a serious accident happens. Please use common sense when allowing your children or grandchildren to ride these big machines. They do need adult supervision.


The gals hit the pool tables this past Tuesday at the Double D. They had a grand time and when the chalk dust settled, Lisa Inman, a newcomer and sister of Patty Boeschling, took the top prize. Lorraine Mathews and Patty Boeschling brought up the rear. Congratulations to all.

Don't worry about today being Friday the 13th, it can be lucky for many people.

Just remember that it is just superstition, and go on with your daily activities as usual. Well, maybe with a bit more caution.

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