Artist's Work Fueled By Drive, Devotion To Craft



Have you ever been so passionate about a project that you just can't stop doing it? Not even to eat or sleep? That's what happens a lot to local painter, Peggy Gould.

She's painted off and on her entire life. "I drew a lot when I was a child. I never had the confidence then to think I could be a serious artist," Gould said. "The desire and passion started welling up inside of me a while back. I faced my fears and really dove in to painting.


Peggy Gould has become more serious about her work since moving to Payson three years ago. She has a gallery in her East Verde Estates home.

"I became more and more confident and started having art shows along the Oregon coast where I'm from," she added.

In fact her favorite landscape to paint is seascapes. But, she says, the natural beauty here in Rim country inspires her, too.

"Landscapes around here inspire me. The beauty, mountains, wildlife, creeks, trees, I love green. I paint with green a lot. While many artists stay away from greens, I don't," Gould said.

Gould paints exclusively with oils. She insists they're forgiving and versatile allowing her to experiment and take chances. She enjoys painting scenes with lots of color, often bright colors.

Gould often starts with a photograph she's taken of a place or a picture from a book or magazine. From there, she'll re-create the place using what she calls a soft touch. She hopes to draw the viewer into the scene, bringing peace to them at the same time.

Since moving to Payson about three years ago, Gould has become more serious about her work. She has a gallery in her East Verde Estates home, where she proudly displays some of her favorite pieces.

Gould is deeply religious and credits much of her artistic passion to God.

For more information about Gould's work, call (928) 468-2384.

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