What's Up?


Q: Who gave the town council authority to give themselves a raise? Aren't their expenses paid for 100 percent?

A: The town code and state statute provide the legal authority, according to Town Manager Fred Carpenter. However, the council did not give themselves a raise per se. The money approved was for the next council to be seated. Some members on this council have terms that carry through the next election, so they will benefit from the action, but not until new members are sworn into office in June 2006. The expenses council members and the mayor incur attending out-of-town meetings are reimbursed, Carpenter said.

Q: I've seen surveyors working along Highway 87 near the Swiss Village Shops. What does this mean? Is ADOT looking at widening the street?

A: B.J. Fletcher in the Payson maintenance office for the department of transportation said there is permit work taking place to create a right turn lane into the new Maverik Country Store. Other ADOT work in the area is related to the roundabout access into The Home Depot, he said.

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