Bout With Cancer Behind Special Service


Cindy Lawson was diagnosed with breast cancer and not given a very good prognosis.

As she dealt with the disease and its treatment, she discovered some critical services were missing -- someone to help her take care of her home and family. Lawson saw the same needs when her father developed prostate cancer.

While she focused on getting well, Lawson also started developing a plan for a business to provide services that she knew cancer patients and others needed. After researching for 18 months, in 1998 she retired from teaching special needs students and started Assisted Home Living, Inc.

"It's basically anything a client needs," she said. "Each client is different. Some need help with housework, meal preparation and shopping. Others need help with showering and dressing. Some just need companionship."

Lawson's business is based in Glendale, but she has a manager for the Rim country who supervises about a half-dozen caregivers for clients in the area. She employs 25 in the Valley.

She and her husband have been part-time residents, and are now building a home in Pine. Lawson said she will be expanding the business here within the year.

The company employs different levels of professionals, including certified caregivers, certified nursing assistants, medical assistants and retired nurses.

"Everyone is given a criminal background check and fingerprinted," Lawson said.

To learn more about Assisted Home Living Inc., call (928) 978-3751.

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