Decisions Should Be Made By Elected Officials



I have watched the processes and decisions of town council and, for the most part, think that it is representing me well. In the oversight of one department manager, however, I think the council is manifestly derelict.

The making of plans, ordinances and policy decisions is important. Equally important is the mandate to ensure that laws, policies and procedures are properly executed. Town employees, as example, should be following council-established policies and regulations that stipulate the tasks and procedures to be accomplished and properly followed.

If a town employee is not adhering to policies, regulations and proper procedures, the council has ultimate oversight authority and can demand improvement or require that dismissal procedures be instituted. Ultimate authority and responsibility lie with the town council.

I have noted a propensity of the manager of public works-water to publicly speak to issues of policy regarding the town of Payson.

Good management practices inform me that, unless given permission by higher authority, an employee should stay within the chain of command. Policy decisions must be in the hands of those who are elected to represent me, not in the hands of employees unless expressly authorized. To do otherwise is poor management.

Questions: 1. Has council authorized the existence of policies and regulations that define acceptable and unacceptable actions by employees? 2. If they exist, do they reflect decency and sound techniques of public management? 3. Does the council allow employees to say/do what they like as regards to town policies? 4. If not, why is a department manager allowed to assume the authority of council and publicly speak to public policy as if he represents me when he does not?

John Lemon, Payson

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