Express Condolences To Officer's Family



God bless and comfort the Uribe family.

My husband and I were in Phoenix May 10 on 51st Avenue and Deer Valley Road. We heard an emergency news broadcast. A Phoenix policeman had made a traffic stop and had been shot and was being taken to St. John's Hospital.

The shooting took place at 35th Avenue and Cactus. We immediately secured our family and drove home to Payson. We prayed the whole trip. About 5 p.m., they announced on the news the policeman of 23 years had died from two shots -- one to the head, and one to the neck.

He had a wife, who is a police dispatcher, and several children. One of his boys is a policeman in Maryvale.

I haven't stopped crying. My father was a policeman for more than 20 years so I have lots of respect for policemen and their families. The suspect was still loose when I went to bed.

One lady in the area said someone was frantically knocking at her door and fit the description of the suspect.

She wouldn't unlock the door. She said his chest was going up and down with fast breathing, and he was very sweaty. Sounds like someone who just took a shot at an honorable man doing his job. Someone who just took away the love and security of a husband, father and fellow policeman. Someone who was probably on alcohol or dope, or high from chemicals. I hope he is found and confesses and says, "Lock me up and throw away the keys."

Senseless random acts of killing must stop. Payson residents, call your friends, family and co-workers and have them call their local representative and voice the need to stop killing innocent people.

As for me and my family, we have a blue ribbon in our yard to show support for the family and policemen and women and all who will mourn because we lost another precious life.

I will be going to Phoenix in about one week. At Fireside Espresso, the new coffee house in the Swiss Village Shops, there will be a shoe box. If you would like to put in a card for the family, I will see it gets to the right police station. It will be in blue with the Uribe name on it.

Mary Jordan, Payson

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