Roundabout Causes Reroute Wednesday


Add a new complaint about the roundabout to the ever-growing list -- the construction will force the closure of the North Beeline Wednesday.

The closure will send southbound traffic west on Houston Mesa Road to McLane Road and put it back on the highway via Airport Road. Northbound traffic will be directed in the reverse: Airport to McLane to Houston Mesa and then back onto Highway 87, according to Payson Public Works Engineer LaRon Garrett.

Striping will be done Thursday, and if necessary early Friday, with the road scheduled to open for full use later on May 27, Garrett said. He could not give a time, other than to say it depended on how the striping went.

If the people responsible for building The Home Depot in Payson had their way, a traffic signal would have been placed at the entrance of the store on North Beeline Highway.

"It's ADOT's policy to look at roundabouts before traffic signals," Garrett said.

When a business wants to have access to a state highway, it must build that access at the direction of the ADOT, he said. While The Home Depot wanted a traffic signal, ADOT made the company construct a roundabout at the entrance, Garrett said. The work is being supervised by the state, with an inspector on site between four and six hours every day.

"We've had a lot of feedback about the roundabout," said Shane Monahan, Payson's Home Depot manager, said. "It's the No. 2 reason people say they're not coming in."

He said the company has nothing to do with the roundabout, but was forced to create one at the insistence of the state, using designs ADOT approved.

He said he'll be relieved when it's finished, but he is still concerned about the safety of area residents and his customers.

The store has two entrances off West Houston Mesa Road and there is plenty of parking on both the side and in front of the building, he said.

Monahan said the main reason people say they are not shopping at The Home Depot is the level of service.

"I can do something about the service," he said. "We're still training at least 100 associates -- they're learning about the products and where they're at in the store."

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