Free Market Will Smoke Out Nonsmokers



Re: Smoking Police

Will you tyrannical health nannies of Payson please cease and desist. You are violating the fundamental principles of freedom and free markets with your selfish crusade to tailor every establishment to your personal taste.

Furthermore, you are insulting my intelligence with your "compassionate concern for health" as a guise. If you were genuinely concerned for life and health, you'd be concentrating on abortion.

Isn't it enough that most of Payson's restaurants are already nonsmoking by choice. The free market is doing a fine job.

Consumers (smokers and nonsmokers) are free to pick and choose, and they can vote with their feet and their dollars. Business owners are free to serve their market, and they are free to adapt to changing conditions.

If they are losing money because of smoking, rest assured they will adapt without government intervention. If they are making money by permitting smoking, then there must be a market for that, too.

You "smoke nazis" are forcing what should be a simple and straight forward consumer choice beyond any reasonable boundaries.

Why don't those of you who prefer nonsmoking establishments simply patronize those places and leave it at that. Isn't freedom good enough? -- For all of us.

It seems to me that those of you pushing this ordinance are not content with freedom, you want to rule.

Bridget J. Gollogly, Payson

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