Online Courses To Replace Summer School


Payson High School will not offer summer school in June and July as it has in the past because of a lack of certified instructors.

"Teachers themselves are going to summer school (to earn advanced degrees); we just didn't have anyone available," district administrator and Payson High School principal Sue Myers said. "And with the shortened summer due to the modified school year, there's not much time for the (summer school)."

The lack of a PHS-hosted summer school, however, shouldn't deter students' plans to graduate on time or pick up extra credit hours.

In place of a PHS summer school, administrators have attracted the services of an Internet program that is being used by school districts around the state.

According to Myers, he local summer school replacement is Pinnacle Education Virtual School (PEVS) -- an approved education provider authorized by the Arizona Department of Education and fully accredited by the North Central Association -- the orga\nization that sanctions public schools in Arizona.

In partnering with Payson High School, the PEVS program will offer the classes at no cost to the school and the district.

"(The program is) a great way for students to pick up those credits they might need," PHS assistant principal Tim Fruth said.

Fruth said that the flexibility of the program gives students the freedom to take extra courses and hold summer jobs.

To participate in the summer school program, students must meet four requirements:

  • Students can select or two classes for summer school.
  • Students must have accessed the Pinnacle online courses by July 8 or they will be dropped from any class not accessed.
  • All course work, assignments and tests are to be completed by the last day of the session, July 25.
  • Students and parents must be willing to verify and submit a minimum of 20 hours per week of participation.

According to Myers, all tests may be taken at the district office.

To be eligible to participate, students must be an Arizona resident, have been enrolled in a public or charter school all or part of the 2004-2005 academic year and have access to a computer and the internet. The connections may be either broadband or dial-up.

PHS staff recommended that students meet with an academic adviser before registering for a class to avoid duplicating courses.

The first summer session begins June 1, June 15 is the last day to register for two courses, and June 29 is the final day to sign up for one summer course.

The class offerings include English, pre-algebra, algebra, physical science, earth sciences, life sciences, American history, American government, free enterprise, health, art, driver's education and sports marketing.

"The math and English courses are the ones students most often must make up to graduate," Fruth said.

According to Pinnacle officials, more than 6,000 students were enrolled in PEVS classes last school year and all courses are taught by fully certified teachers.

At the end of the summer session, an official transcript will be mailed to Payson High School -- unofficial transcripts will be mailed to the student.

For more information, call Pinnacle at (888) 567-1844 or Payson High School at (928) 474-2233. For more information about the online classes visit

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