Adults Enjoy Village Fun As Much As Youth


On Saturday evening, Oct. 29, the Tonto Village Fire District put on its second annual Haunted House at the fire station. The event turned out to be a howling success, but would not have been possible without the help of the volunteer firemen and the auxiliary, the Fire Sirens.

A huge pat on the back to all the workers who helped decorate the fire station on Saturday morning and then came back dressed in costumes for the haunted house. The workers were Sue Prach along with her husband Captain Rick Prach; Phon and Dara Sutton, of Bear Flats; Lonnie Smith, of Ellison Creek Summer Homes; Chief J.R. Alliger; and Lori Mulvey. I enjoyed helping.


The adults had a great time dressing up in costume for the Tonto Village Haunted House Saturday. From left to right are: Janet Snyder, Lonnie Smith, Dara Sutton and Sue Prach. Could you have guessed who they were?

Many of the adults enjoyed going through the haunted house and, in fact, want to be a part of it next year. The more the merrier.

Tonto Village Fire District updates

Chief Alliger announced that the monthly board meeting has been changed to Nov. 19 at the fire station, beginning at 10 a.m. Mark your calendars with that date change.

Chimney brushes are available at the fire station to be used by any resident of the fire district. If you burn wood frequently, the chimney needs to be brushed out. The creosote buildup that occurs in chimneys is very flammable and needs to be removed. Call the fire station, (928) 478-4875, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to reserve a brush. "Please use caution when climbing on your roof, do not work alone if at all possible," says, Chief Alliger.

Birthdays, anniversaries

Clint and Grace Daniels, of Tonto Village III, celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary Nov. 2. Clint works part time at Camp Tontozona and Grace is busy with the quilt club. She makes marvelous quilts, and on the rare days when she is not busy quilting, Grace plays dominoes with the Domino Divas on Wednesday afternoons. Happy anniversary to you both. We all wish you many more years together.

Tony Bryan turned 17 on Nov. 3. Tony is a sophomore at Payson High School and is the grandson of Danny and Ethel Cain. Happy birthday, Tony.


Do not forget about the baby shower for Sara Valdez Sunday, Nov. 6 at the Double D Restaurant. Ethel is the hostess and is asking everyone to provide a covered dish, as well as a baby gift. Both men and women are cordially invited. There will not be a pool tournament that day.

The Double D nine-ball gals played at the Landmark in Christopher Creek last Tuesday evening and got skunked by the gals from Christopher Creek. Pat Adams played for first place, with Judy Tolle and Nancy Olsen, placing second and third. Better luck next week, all you Tonto Village gals.

Bo Douglas was the top winner last Sunday afternoon for the eight ball tourney at the Double D. Joe Ferrera and ‘Bo" Mathews shot for second and third places.

Are there any more lucky hunters around the village? If you have been lucky enough to bag an elk or a deer, let me know by e-mail at It would be great if there were a picture to go with your hunt.

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