Heed The Words Of The Young



A couple of issues or so ago a young person, in the eighth grade, wrote a letter to the editor stating that he could see a definite need for a trade school in Payson.

Hear, hear! I think the letter fell on deaf ears. My husband even wrote in congratulating the young man for his foresight. While the town council is so concerned about taking water and building a police academy, they are not focusing on what this town really needs, jobs, services for our community, etc.

As the young man stated, "not everyone has the wherewithal to attend college but would still like to make a decent living and answer a need in his town". Where are the carpenters, carpet installers, electricians, plumbers, painters, beauticians, waitresses, waiters, etc., etc.? There are some around, but not enough. I hope the powers that be will heed what this young man had to say and give it some thought and action.

Judy Chlupsa, Payson

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