Full Fee Should Not Be Charged For One Attraction


I had some extra time on my hands recently and stopped by the new Zane Grey Cabin. I had not had time to visit it yet.

Here is a response my experience.

I have been a resident of Payson for five years and a visitor for 10. I support local activities, stores, museums and parks. I very much enjoy Green Valley Park and my kids love the playground.

I went into the office where you pay a fee to see the area museums. I asked -- since I am a resident, and have seen the other museums and not the cabin -- if I could pay a smaller fee to see just the cabin.

I respect the fact they need the money to maintain it and staff it. They were very rude about it and said no way -- for the fee, I could see everything. I had already told them I had seen everything else, and paid the fee every time.

If I was a tourist, I could understand (without the attitude). But I am not. I understand the fees are charged for a reason (most of the time). But I do not feel this was right or justified. I very willingly offered my driver's license and offered $3 instead of the usual $5. I thought that was very fair. After all, all I wanted to see was the cabin.

They told me grand opening night was free, but not everybody was able to make that one night.

I do not feel my request is unreasonable. Is Bill Schwind that unreasonable? If he is not in control of this, then I am sorry, it's not his fault then. I know there are some senior citizens who volunteer around town and, honestly, that is great. Everybody needs volunteers. But I feel they get power crazy and think they can control everything. I am a bit younger (33), and more than once I have gotten the ‘young-and-knows-all' attitude. In Payson, it is the complete opposite -- ‘old and knows it all.' That's not fair, especially to people who do support the community, which I believe in.

Holly Brandenburg, Payson

(Editor's note: The Zane Grey Cabin is operated by volunteers of the Northern Gila County Historical Society, not the Payson Parks and Recreation Department. The fees charged are one of the society's few sources of operating funds needed for all its museums and services.)

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