Land Purchase Out Of Airport Plan


The Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) for the Payson Municipal Airport, presented to the town council in October, included the purchase of two parcels of land -- an eight- and a 39-acre parcel.

The smaller parcel could be used as a campground, according to program report. The potential existed for the town to then lease 20 of the 39 acres to the forest service to use as a fire-fighting base.

The land is currently in escrow by a private party. According to the town's general plan, if purchased the land could not be used for residences.

Airport Manager Ted Anderson said when ADOT helps a town purchase land for an airport, it can technically be sold, but the state and the FAA might look suspiciously at such an action, then not support future purchases.

Responding to Anderson's remarks, the council eliminated the land-purchase portion of the ACIP and directed the airport manager to submit it to FAA and ADOT.

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