More Water Insanity



I very much agree with Ed Blair's recent letter to the editor (Nov. 1, 2005 Payson Roundup).

The important question is where will these 30 condominiums obtain water?

Does this tie in somehow with the stealing of water from the recently established town of Diamond Star? Is this more under-the-table insanity from the mayor and the majority of the council and its staff?

As I have stated before, there are many, many lots in older tracts that are frequently being developed, as well as lots of condominiums and commercial property, and even tracts such as the one being developed along McLane (The Village something).

Where is the water coming from to feed all these current developments? It does not appear that we have a water shortage. Then why are we on water rations, when our mayor and the majority of the council and staff want to allow Horton and Co. to develop three more large housing tracts?

We need to elect officials who support the will of the people and not that of special interest groups. Some politicians have the opinion that they know what's best for the people because the people really don't know what's best for them. Stalin had this same idea.

The town should keep the $750,000 intended for Horton and Co., as it may be needed to pay for a recall.

Ed Welge, Payson

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