New Town Gets Cordial Start



I attended the Gila County Supervisor's meeting held in Payson Tuesday. The truth is, I went expecting to see fireworks. In reality, the meeting turned out to be completely cordial. It was entirely bloodless. No fun at all.

As expected, Star Valley and Diamond Point Shadows were incorporated into the town of "Diamond Star" and Ronnie McDaniel was appointed (mayor). Councilmen include: Bill Heath, Chuck Heron, Marianne Kotelnicki, Art Lloyd, Ted Pettet Sr., and Randy White.

Sadly, the only Payson councilman that I saw there was George Barriger. There was no one from the current town council to officially extend a hand of friendship to the new town.

Regardless of how you feel about the issues that led Diamond Star to seek a stronger position of self-governance, a right we all enjoy -- albeit mostly take for granted -- I think a batch of cookies, or a fresh, hot loaf of homemade bread would have been in order. It would have been more than a nice gesture. It would have been a perfect opportunity for the current town leadership to avoid a bitter divorce.

Let me be the first to welcome Diamond Star as our new neighbor. May our two communities grow and prosper together.

Dan Hill, Payson

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