Rim Country Fire Department Goes High Tech


The Heber-Overgaard Fire Department has equipped its rescue truck with a Zoll Autopulse, a new tool to help fire department and emergency medical service personnel treat sudden cardiac arrest patients more effectively.

"Once a person is in cardiac arrest, every minute counts to get the heart beating normally again," said Fire Chief Jack Ingraham. "For every minute that passes, the chance of survival decreases by 10 percent. After 10 minutes, survival is unlikely."

The $15,000 Autopulse, a noninvasive cardiac support pump, offers the promise of achieving normal blood flow to the heart and brain during cardiac arrest according to Zoll, the manufacturer. It can achieve never-before-seen levels of circulation because of the unique, consistent chest compressions it generates, moving blood more effectively than any other method used today.

Emergency personnel can remain safely secured in the back of the moving ambulance during long hospital transports because of the Autopulse's consistency.

"Our goal is to protect the lives of Heber-Overgaard's citizens, and this purchase is an important step in helping achieve this goal," said Ingraham, who has been involved in pre-hospital medicine for more than 30 years as a paramedic and EMT.

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