What's Up?


Q: Which of the council candidates have turned in their packets so far for the March election?

A: Candidates who have filed their statement of organization, according to Payson Town Clerk Silvia Smith, are:


Jon Barber

Barbara Brewer

Council member:

Robert Henley

Mike Vogel

Susan Connell

Charlie Smith

Candidates have until Dec. 14 at 5 p.m. to pick up their packets from town hall, fill them out and return them.

Q: While hiking the Houston Mesa Loop trail, I came upon a bunker-like building (deserted). Can someone tell me what it was used for in the past? Is it a safe building for anyone to be around?

A: "It used to be an old seismologist's station where they were checking for earthquakes -- this was way back years and years ago," said Gloria Alliger, customer service representative with the Payson Ranger Station. "It is all concrete from what I can understand. I am sure people have gone in it or poked around it. I certainly wouldn't, but that's just me."

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