A Good Candidate For Town Council



I would like to let the people of Payson know Susan Connell as I know her.

I met her several years ago when she took over the Literacy Program at a very difficult time. She volunteered all of her time. She practically lived there and slowly, but surely, with a lot of help, the Literacy Program became the success it is today. Su was the driving force for this and at the same time she was also involved in many other aspects of this community: Time Out Shelter Board, Parks and Recreation Board, Rotarians, and many other organizations.

She did all this while being the caregiver for her husband who had severe health problems for years, until his passing.

I've seen her operate in some really challenging situations and turn them into positive outcomes.

I could never have handled things with the finesse she showed during these situations. But Su never gives up. She always finds out everything she can to help find a way to accomplish her goals and she seeks out the knowledge of others and listens, really listens.

In my opinion, this is just the sort of person we so desperately need right now on our council. Her knowledge of so many aspects of our community, her intelligence and professionalism and her history of doing the right thing, come what may, make Susan Connell my choice, and I hope yours, for town council.

Amy von Somogyi, Payson

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