God Or Evolution?



"Know this, that every soul is free to choose his life and what he'll be,

For this eternal truth is given, That God will force no man to heaven.

He'll call, persuade, direct aright and bless with wisdom, love, and light

In nameless ways be good and kind but never force the human mind."


I've watched this quarrel go on for some time and decided to add my bit:

We will never know until we leave this life who is right, and then we won't need to argue about it because we will all know.

But I'm sorry you don't have a God. More than 80 percent of us Americans do.

I am sure that there is a God, that He lives and Jesus Christ is His literal Son. That he loves us all and is there for us when we call. Much like us earthly parents, He doesn't always answer "yes." Sometimes we don't get what we asked for, but we grow and learn from working over our hurdles.

You know, if we as parents do our job it won't matter what they teach in school as to God or evolution. I don't care what they teach in school. I have heard about evolution all my life, as did my children, and we all know there is a God, so don't you think you could do your job and let us do ours and don't worry about the schools.

Most of us don't like the schools teaching sex education, but they do anyway, so it makes most of us just work harder.

Somewhere I heard, "I'd rather live my life as though there is a God and find out there's not, than to live my life as though there is not a God and find out there is." (Not my words but I am totally in agreement.)

I don't think I've missed anything in life by believing in Him.

Do your own thing, and I will too.

Margie J. Weaver, Strawberry

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