Just Hang Up



All Rim Country residents should be alert to scams by phone:

1. The caller will give you a name and company and say "they" are monitoring identity thefts, and your name was found on the computer and is endangered -- "you must immediately look up and give them your bank account numbers" -- Don't you dare! All they want is your account number to clean it out.

2. You receive a call and are informed you have been "selected" to receive a $10,000 government grant, but you must verify your name and address, phone, age, other personal data and supply your bank account number and "they" will deposit the grant directly into your account. This is just another scam to clean you out.

Never give your Social Security number by phone.

3. You may receive a call about some vague reason stating it's your bank calling. If they ask for any information, get their name, phone number and tell them you will call them back. Then, call your bank and ask if the name and number are valid.

4. By mail, you will receive letters promising you everything -- money, love, friends, provided you send a reply. Just put it in the garbage and forget it.

Knowing that our fine people have been previously taken in and have lost money, I simply had to let you know. I have had, and still have, to deal with these phone scams -- sometimes it is a computerized call, trying to sell me something or checking to see if someone is home.

Just hang up. We worked too hard to lose money to crooks.

Joan Lasys, R.N., Payson

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