What If Senior Volunteers Went On Strike?



I am sorry Ms. Brandenburg had a negative experience at the museum. The admission fees are set by the board of directors and no provision has been made for any volunteer to waive or to reduce the fees.

As the editor pointed out, the Northern Gila County Historical Society, an all-volunteer organization, operates the Rim Country Museum, the Museum of Rim Country Archaeology, and now the Zane Grey Cabin. The fees are needed to fund these operations.

I do take exception to her derogatory remarks about senior volunteers. The museums would not exist without their generous donation of time, talent, and treasure.

Many of us volunteer for other organizations. We bring a lifetime of experience, which we offer to many organizations, i.e., the library, hospital, chamber of commerce, Senior Center, Time Out Shelter, police department and many commissions and committees of the town. I wonder what would happen if we all "went on strike" for a day?

Pat Lundblad, President, Northern Gila County Historical Society

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