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Q: Why does the Oxbow Saloon allow performers under the age of 21 when, according to their sign out front, they won't allow anyone else under the age of 21 come into the saloon?

A: "That's a good question. It's because of the liquor law," said Beverley Nethken, owner of the Oxbow. "The parents of the performer are always within eye distance at all times. When the entertainer is performing onstage we can see that he or she is not drinking. When there is someone who is absolutely becoming famous, like a Tanya Tucker, of course, you want to promote them. Everywhere else I know where Rickiejoleen performs answers to the same regulations.

"We do not have the staff or the time to baby sit other people's kids. It always happens when you have an under 21-year-old person who comes in (to watch), their parents sneak a drink to them. We don't want that liability."

Q: What is the actual cost in gas, mileage and maintenance of taking one bus load of students on, for example, a field trip from Payson to say the historic Strawberry School House and from Payson to the Arizona Science Center?

A: A full trip to the Valley would be approximately $248, according to Bill Hart of transportation fleet maintenance for Payson Unified School District.

Currently mileage is 75 cents per mile and drivers cost $12.33 per hour.

Fuel and wage increases have contributed to the cost of a field trip going up. Previous costs were 65 cents per mile and $9.26 per driver hour.

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