A Hard Lesson To Learn



About a year ago, my husband and I decided to buy our 10-year-old son a brand new dirt bike for working hard, being a great kid and getting straight A's on his report card. We wanted to show him that hard work and being a nice person has its rewards. He loved his dirt bike -- that was until he went out to the shed to pull the bike out and the bike was not there.

Now, he gets to learn the lesson about the selfish people who don't care about anything but themselves. They don't care that they took an 11-year-old's prized possession just because they would rather steal someone else's property than get an honest job and pay for it themselves. Which, by the way, is more rewarding when you have earned it rather than stolen it.

Imagine if your son, or daughter, or even yourself, had something stolen from you. It does not feel good! We are very disappointed, and angry, that this has happened.

If anyone has any information, please do the right thing and contact the Payson Police Department, Officer Steve Montgomery, (928) 474-5177. If you don't want to go to the police department, please call me at (928) 978-0538.

The bike is a 2004 Yamaha TT-r 90cc, blue and white. The left brake handle is broken off and there are no keys with the bike. It was stolen a few weeks ago.

Kayle Cobb, Payson

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