Another Word On The Weeds



I would like to respond to Nancy Volz's letter to the editor, published Nov. 1, 2005. (Town won't clear weeds.)

The lady is mistaken on two counts.

1) The Phase I Board of Directors do not have a letter from the town assuming responsibility to clear weeds from behind her property, or any other lots in our subdivision.

Woodland Meadows Phase II, and subsequent phases, relinquished part of their Association's common area to the town of Payson several years ago. The town was to maintain the large drainage ditch that runs along the west side of Payson Parkway to Longhorn Road to a short way past Lakeshore Road to the llama ranch property, also the parkway along Longhorn to Lakeshore from Payson Parkway. It has been quite a while since the ditch or parkway has been cleared of weeds, grass, etc.

2) It has never been the town's responsibility to clear or maintain any of Phase I's lots. Our CC&R's state that it is the homeowner's obligation to maintain his or her property to the approved standard of the Association. If the homeowner does not maintain his property, the board of directors has legal authority to hire the work to be done and bill the homeowner for full reimbursement.

Nancy Volz should contact the board for assistance in getting the weeds cleared on the lot next to her home -- not the town of Payson.

Past board member,

Etta Malone, Payson

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