Express Opinion, But Keep Facts Straight



Re: "Sweep the council clean," Tuesday, Nov. 8, Roundup.

The referenced letter to the editor spoke of a meeting I held to explain my position on Resolution 2098, which supports adding a new water source to the town's water supply.

I was an invited speaker at the Oct. 10 Citizens Awareness Committee meeting held at the library. This meeting was open to the public and was advertised in the Payson Roundup. When my allotted time was up, I offered to continue to answer questions. I responded to questions for another 30 minutes and very few people left before the meeting was adjourned.

The writer is welcome to express his opinions, but he shouldn't misrepresent the facts. The agreement for new water provides 1,000 water credits, not building permits, if the water flows into the Payson water system. Building permits are issued only if all required steps are completed through the building department.

There is a study to determine the compatibility of Blue Ridge water with the current ground water used in Payson. The Blue Ridge water has far fewer minerals compared to our current water sources. The study will determine the impact of introducing Blue Ridge water into our fractured granite aquifers.

I am always happy to speak to any group that would like to get more information regarding our current water situation and the steps the town and council are taking to ensure we have adequate water supplies for the future. Please contact me at or my published telephone number to arrange a time to discuss these issues.

Robert Henley, Payson Town Council

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