Rim Country Teens Need Resources



Recently in a letter to the editor, Margie J. Weaver of Strawberry wrote about schools in regard to teaching evolution versus creation and she said the following after arguing the origins of man:

"Most of us don't like the schools teaching sex education, but they do anyway, so it makes most of us just work harder."

And, I argue against her point about sex education. I believe most people agree that sex education should not be taught in schools, but rather by the parents. I even concur with that opinion, but the harsh reality is that a lot of parents don't teach their children about this. And, if not taught a healthy viewpoint of this, children will form their own opinions which most likely will not be an acceptable or beneficial understanding of what sex really entails and the consequences of being irresponsible with it.

When parents lack in parenting skills, there must be something to fill that void. Otherwise, children will not grow up properly and will act out. It is sad that schools have had to be parents to so many troubled children, but it seems many communities across America are loath to provide support for these children who have deficient parents.

This letter was written to call for a real sex education program in the Rim Country. A few responsible teenagers will drive to Prescott, the Valley or Flagstaff to go to a center for their medical concerns regarding sex. But, what about those who don't have a car or are not responsible enough to drive many miles for this? I believe the Rim Country needs a Planned Parenthood facility or similar entity to provide low-cost services for teenagers. These programs have high success rates and are beneficial to the community.

Alicia Baker, Payson

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