Teens Need More To Do



I think there should be more things to do in Payson for teens. If there were more things for the younger youth to do, there would be less alcohol and drug abuse and teen pregnancy. If you think this generation is bad, imagine what the future generation will be like!

I strongly believe, as a community, we should start realizing teens aren't just kids anymore, they are more adult than we want to admit. If more organized activities were available, we teens would less likely get involved in alcohol, drugs, or sexual actions.

I think we should put in more facilities for teens to become involved with good things. We, as a community, should have an organized activity center where we teens can get together. We could have games, music, play-acting and communication with our peers.

If our older generation would become more involved with our younger generation, there would be more respect from teens.

As a teen, these are my thoughts -- for the community to pull together and become more involved with their teens.

April Mouritsen, Rim Country Middle School eighth grade

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