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Q: I was wondering what high definition TV options Payson viewers have? Does Cablevision or NPG Cable offer HD programming, including Phoenix local channels in HD? What about satellite?

A: Cablevision does not offer high definition programming in Payson because the equipment to do so is not here.

Dish Network has 13 channels available in high definition. "I'll tell you what we recommend. If people haven't already bought their HDTVs ... we suggest they don't yet. Two things are happening. In a year-and-a-half to two years there are going to be a lot more channels, prices will be coming down (just like computers did). Sometime next year it is going to be mandatory that everybody go to HD," said Bill Taylor of Dish Network. The government making it mandatory is something that just happened last week, he said.

DirecTV offers some channels in HD.

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