About The Weeds Again



If you can stand it, just one more letter of clarification re weeds, E. Malone letter of Nov. 15 -- we promise.

As previously stated, by phone to Ms. Malone and in letters she and Ms. Jones have read, the board has a letter from the town regarding the area behind our home and four others. Apparently Ms. Jones and Ms. Malone have confused the privately owned empty lot to the west of our home with the drainage/utility easement parcel to the south, the subject of the original letter printed Nov. 1.

According to the board's treasurer, all board members were handed copies of the town's letter last month with the advice that it should be kept on file should any future problems arise with the drainage/utility easement parcel south of our homes. We do not know how to make this issue any clearer. Take it up with the treasurer, if you must.

Again, if the parties who insist upon writing to us via the Payson Roundup will contact us in person, we can clear up their confusion. In the meantime, at our expense, we have made copies of and attached all documentation to a cover letter and hand-delivered them to all board members, so there is no more misinterpretation of the truth.

Thanks for the ink, Payson Roundup. Over and out. (Really!)

Nancy and Ken Volz, Payson

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