'Hep-C' Article Refreshing



I read the article and was happy to see someone wanted to make a difference in the awareness of Hepatitis C and the risks involved.

So many are stigmatized when they are diagnosed and go quietly into the corner, not telling anyone. It's refreshing to see someone who cares for others and a paper willing to put it in print.

With that said, I would ask that you share the Web sites listed below. David's time in the service had other risks besides drugs. The www.hcvets.com Web site is full of good information pertaining to transmission methods of Hep-C and the forum is also a good source of information from others infected or family members dealing with the disease.

I would invite anyone interested to visit the sites: hcvets.com and forums.delphiforums.com/hcvets/start

Harry Hooks, HCVets forum manager

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