Information On Shooting Wrong



This is in reply to John McCauley's recent letter:

I won't debate Mr. Fish's guilt or innocence with you. That's properly done by a jury in a courtroom.

But, I take considerable offense to you stating there's a so-called secret taught in Concealed Carry classes to shoot to kill "... otherwise, they will own you." That's pure uninformed bunkum! I teach safety, responsibility, and if necessary to shoot an attacker until the attack stops ... period! Neither spoken nor unspoken I would not pass a student, nor approve their CCW application, if they expressed a desire to kill an attacker.

By the way, your very obvious anti-gun bias in referring to a 10mm pistol as a "cannon" ruins the objectivity of your argument to anyone with an open mind.

Hank Marquardt, firearms instructor, Payson

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