Stepping Out Of The Ruts Of Gripe And Discontent


In the pages of today's Roundup we've tried to provide a collection of stories that reflect some of the events and happenings taking place in Rim Country.

As with every edition, we always strive to find both the good news, and the news that affects your life.

We also look for stories that share how you can be involved in the community and make a difference -- whether it's a need for funding for our schools, or volunteer opportunities with local organizations.

As we put together the pages of the paper each week, we often find ourselves in awe at what you, our readers, are able to accomplish. We stand amazed at how many good projects and quiet service endeavors take place every day. There is never enough room to publish them all, nor staff enough to report on every positive human influence. But clearly, an enormous number of Rim Country residents are anxiously engaged in doing good for their fellow man.

Sometimes, in the midst of all that is happening, good things are upstaged or overshadowed.

Here are some things that should not go unsaid as we approach the Thanksgiving holiday:

We have a wonderful town with good staff and good leaders. The men and women on our town council have stepped up to give their personal time to this community family. We're grateful for their service -- a service that is often thankless and takes them away from their own families, hobbies, and in some cases, retirement. As with any relationship, we may not always agree with their every decision, but all of us need to be careful not to slip into the human ruts of gripe and discontent.

We have good police officers, firefighters, ambulance personnel and other service providers who have maintained excellent standards and kept our community safe.

We have good media outlets that try their best to provide a variety of news and information.

We're fortunate to have several good radio stations that bring us music, news, entertainment, and especially vital, immediate information in the face of destructive weather or other dangers.

We have many good businesses here that provide goods and services we need and enjoy.

It's all too easy to take anything good for granted. This Thanksgiving, we're grateful to be a part of this community and we're especially thankful for our advertisers and more than 13,000 dedicated readers.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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