The Good Ol' Boys Are At It Again



I couldn't believe the decision that the zoning commissioners made at their Monday night meeting when they rezoned Horton's 12 acres along 2009 N. McLane Road. Then, I got it -- the town recently improved that portion of McLane Road between Houston Mesa Road and Airport Road, but left that portion south of Airport Road in a rutted and sad condition. Then, I thought maybe some new commissioners were appointed. Maybe Horton and Company? Who else would pull something like that?

All this just proves that the good people of Payson need to clean house from top to bottom in the next election, or sooner if needed. There appears to be too much hanky panky going on with our officials -- both elected and hired. All these officials just don't get it -- all of these dumb decisions are increasing our water problems and turning Payson into another Prescott and Pine.

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) has limited Pine to two water hookups per month, unless the water situation improves. Payson needs something along this line, maybe 5-10 water hookups at most per month.

We need to take another look into the national forest for water. I realize we must overcome the wacko-environmentalists who are really the Taliban and left wing of American politics. We still should renew our efforts in that direction as soon as possible.

Edwin Welge, Payson

P.S. We need to take our town back before it's too late. At least, we have very, very good police and fire departments.

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