Voting Equipment Lawsuit Not Frivolous



On Nov. 5, The Arizona Republic published an op-ed column by Tucson voting-machine expert Tom Ryan explaining his lawsuit against Arizona Secretary of State Jan Brewer as asking the court "to require Brewer to produce election equipment decertification standards that are required by state law, and which her office admits it has not produced."

In Saturday's edition, Ms. Brewer characterized Dr. Ryan's suit as "frivolous."

She went on to claim that her accomplishments in office have included "Establishing new voting-equipment certification and decertification standards" -- a puzzling assertion, given that her office had recently informed Dr. Ryan that such standards have not been produced.

Since the integrity of our election system is the foundation of our democracy, and there have been several serious and well-documented voting-machine reliability problems in Maricopa County that have remained unaddressed for two years, I see nothing frivolous in asking the court to require Jan Brewer to develop voting-machine decertification standards -- or to immediately make public the details of the standards she now claims to have established.

David L. Griscom, Tucson

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