What's Up?


Q: Why aren't all accidents reported in the paper?

A: "Accidents occur on Rim Country roads nearly every day. Most of them could be considered minor. Of course, we can't report on all of them. There are some we just don't hear about, so we try to report on the accidents that impact the lives of our readers or traffic. We want to be careful not to have a newspaper full of accident photos when there are so many wonderful things going on in our community."

Richard Haddad, publisher, Payson Roundup Newspaper

Q: I heard the city would not get rid of weeds on city-owned property because it did not have enough money. What's up with that?

A: "It is a matter of manpower. The same guys who clean the ditches and patch the potholes cut the weeds. The ditches and the potholes are a higher priority than the weeds, so as we can get to them we do, but we don't have anybody out there full time cutting weeds."

La Ron Garret, public works engineer for the Town of Payson

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