Another Take On The Hiker Shooting



The tragic Kuenzli-Fish incident is back in the news.

Regarding my last letter to which John McCauley and David Engleman took great umbrage, out of compassion for them and their allies I omitted the most horrific portion of my vision. In Old Testament terms, it could have caused gnashing of teeth, rending of garments and clawing of flesh among those involved. Perhaps I shall have to answer for that unauthorized omission.

McCauley's response indicated that Fish and his loved ones are in abject despair, but McCauley seems in denial of his role in the process that led to that monstrously evil result.

Regarding Engleman's response, as my Momma would say, "It's the hit dog that yelps the loudest." Engleman affirms his Christianity, but his letters sound like they come from a high priest of a weird dog-worshiping cult.

McCauley and Engleman face a simple decision. Was my message from The Creator, or an emanation from a diseased mind? Personally, supremely assured, I am wholly indifferent how they decide.

More than 300 people, presumably Christians, demanded that Fish be prosecuted for killing Kuenzli. Except for some more recent letters expressing varying degrees of support, I, a non-Christian, have essentially stood alone in publicly urging compassion and mercy for Fish. Deciding which side Jesus would be on is a "no-brainer."

Identifying with David facing Goliath in the Bible, with Town Marshal Gary Cooper facing the "bad guys" in High Noon, or with Emile Zola facing the French "establishment" in the Dreyfus Affair would be ego enhancing but disingenuous. Having been "deputized" as a messenger, scribe or spokesperson for The Creator, mine would be the overwhelming majority side even if I were facing uncountable multitudes.

I shamefully admit that The Creator had to force me to defend Fish. Based upon personal observations, I have a basically negative opinion of school teachers in general as those who remain most vividly in my memory were the sadists and the indifferent "time servers."

I find it incomprehensible that The Creator would not only get involved in this matter but also drag me into it, especially as members of the clergy in this area appear to be as thick as fleas on a mangy cur. Am I being tested? Hmm. For some time I have been urging The Creator to give humankind some new Revelations, as the world's religions, including Christianity and all its myriad branches, denominations, sects, etc., appear to be a god-awful mess.

Otis M. Trimble, Payson

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