Smoke A Health Hazard



I read the article about the prescribed burns being performed in the Rim Country. I think it is a shame the U.S. Forest service has ruined our forests and our air. I live in Cave Creek, just north of Phoenix, and on Wednesday, Nov. 16, our skies here were also filled with the smoke from the fires you had to endure. The visibility where I live was very poor. My daughter and I drove to Anthem, on I-17 north of Phoenix, and you could smell the smoke there as well, but the visibility was better. It was only hazy. Today, Sunday, I have been looking out my window and watching long, thin clouds of brown smoke drift ever closer to our community. I am curious about what the government has to say about the health consequences of all their smoke on those with breathing and/or heart problems. They obviously have screwed up our beautiful forests and now the taxpayers' health too. When is enough, enough. It is a sad state of affairs when we see our own government ruining our beloved land and creating health problems for her citizens. I hope all is well with the people of Payson and that no one is suffering from ill health because of these fires.

Sandy Wilker, Cave Creek

Editor's note: The smoke during the middle of the week was from a broadcast burn to reduce the fire hazard and improve forest health. The smoke Sunday was from a man-caused fire near Promontory Point, not the result of actions by the government.

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