Stylist Makes A Swiss Beauty Connection


When Sharon Rubash retired from salon ownership and moved with her husband to Payson she thought she was going to retire.

But the hairdresser with 34 years of experience as a stylist and manager just couldn't lay down her shears.


"Come in and introduce yourself," invites hair stylist Sharon Rubash. "I love people!" Walk-in customer Jane is having her hair frosted.

She has gone to work part time at Swiss Beauty Connection.

"I have always loved doing hair," Rubash said.

Whether a woman has short hair or long, Rubash said she has worked with every type of hair there is.

"I love to make a difference in how a woman feels about herself and her hair," Rubash said. "When I see a person feel good about how they look after the service, it makes me smile."

"Cuts and permanents are my favorites, but I also love to backcomb," she said.

Backcombing, or teasing, is a technique in which the stylist holds her client's hair away from her head and combs it toward the head to make it look thicker. Done wrong it can tangle or be too fluffy. Done with finesse, by an expert, it's lovely.

"Old-timers -- we know all the tricks," Rubash said, laughing.

According to her, beauty schools don't teach it to new hair stylists, so it makes finding someone who knows how to tease hair difficult to find.

When Rubash took her state cosmetology board exams, she said stylists had to find their own models to bring. Now they work on mannequins.

A real client who sits back in Rubash's chair to be pampered with a color, cut or curl will be greeted by more than just her smile in the mirror.

A giraffe is the largest stuffed animal in her safari-decorated station.

"My salon in Wickenburg was called the Hair Safari, so when I moved to Payson I brought my jungle with me," Rubash said; glad to have left the stress of salon ownership behind.

"I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with Barbara Brewer and her two lovely operators, Shelly and Linda and girl Friday Davera," she said.

The nursing homes have told Rubash they have enough hairdressers right now, but serving that population is something she said she would like to do again.

While Rubash said she enjoys working from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Wednesday through Friday, as a cancer survivor, she said she knows there are more things to enjoy in life besides work.

"I have a retired husband who I love and adore, and I like spending time with him and my grandchildren," Rubash said.

Rubash works at the Swiss Beauty Connection, 706-B N. Beeline Highway. For an appointment, call (928) 474-3552.

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