Wood Floor Refinishing And More


William Bailey started in the carpet cleaning business shortly after he became the father of twins.

"You can guess what twins do to carpets," Bailey said.


Had William Bailey been hired to make this floor, it would be a "custom mixed media floor." He estimates laying the oak boards and ceramic tiles would take him between 80 and 100 hours. The "labor of love" is the dining room floor of his home, which is the most intricate work he said he has ever done.

" I tried to get a carpet cleaner and nobody would give me a straight answer of how much it would cost, or nobody would show up. So I started doing it myself."

That was 10 years ago when he was living in Wisconsin.

To carpet cleaning he added laminate and hardwood floor installation and wood floor refinishing and restoration to his business.

"My clients kept asking me for referrals for those things, and I didn't know anyone, so I looked into it and determined there was a demand."

He invested in the necessary equipment and was trained during a six-week apprenticeship with a flooring company and started doing installations and restorations himself.

When his father retired to Star Valley, Bailey moved his family to Payson to be near him.

Total Floor Care Services has been operating in Payson for a year.

The typical hardwood floors Bailey said he installs are "strip plank," 2-1/4-inch wide strips of wood or laminate squares that look like wood.

He said he can install laminate floors for $1.50 a foot. Depending on the material a client buys, laminate floor materials can have a 20- to 25-year warranty.

Refinishing and restoration

"Refinishing is where the existing finish gets scuffed and is just rough looking. It can be lightly rotary sanded and abraded and then recoated."

That can, of course, be done cheaper than a restoration, which is needed when boards become warped, cut or damaged, or the finish is completely gone exposing the bare wood and resulting in discoloration.

"(Restoration) means completely drum sanding it, scraping all the corners and starting from scratch," he said.

Temperature and humidity determine the cure time for a floor that has been restored or refinished. Another factor is whether the base of the poly-eurothane refinishing material is either oil or water. Water dries faster between coats.

Bailey said he uses three (or more) coats and each coat takes a day to dry to the touch, the last coat taking up to seven days to fully cure.

"You can walk on it once it is dry to the touch, but you want to be extremely careful about dragging any furniture over it and things like that. I always recommend that people put self-adhesive felt on the bottom feet of furniture that they think they are going to move."

He usually uses water-based materials, which are not odorless, but do smell better than oil-based products.

If a contractor is using an oil-based product to finish the floor, you don't want to live there while it is being applied, according to Bailey.

When he's not hard at work with his company, Bailey's hobbies include elk hunting, small game hunting, target shooting and trail riding with his family.

Total Floor Care Services is a licensed, bonded contractor with the state of Arizona. Bailey can be reached at (928) 468-6345 or (928) 970-0184. The business Web site is www.totalfloorcareservices.com

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