Council Candidate Connell Has My Support



I think that most Payson voters agree that we need changes on our town council. Election time is coming and now is our chance to elect someone who will fairly and conscientiously represent us.

There are very few people who have the combination of intellect, morality, experience and skills for the demanding job of town councilor, but I know someone who does. That person is Susan Connell. She has been a member of our community for many years and has a record of giving her time and energy in order to make Payson a better place to live. She is an experienced business professional who understands how to get work accomplished while staying on time and under budget. Susan is thoughtful, honest and forthright while maintaining the ability to be both a negotiator and a team player.

I think that we need Susan on our town council. Please vote for Susan Connell.

John Lemon, Payson

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