Do Right By The People Of Payson



It is time for the town council to stop, think and reflect upon the reasons why the people of Payson voted for them. We did not elect them to cooperate with developers and profit mongers who will rape the town of its natural beauty, clean air, forest environment and natural life.

We do not want the town's future to be in the hands of officials who will work willingly with people who think it is right to steal the water from a neighboring community. We signed a petition asking you to do the right thing by refusing to pay for the Diamond Star water, and you failed us.

At a time when the town is growing at a current rate of more than 30 percent in new building, the election in March will be the time for the town to decide whether we want "business as usual," or a mayor and council who will truly do right by the people of Payson.

Guadalupe Sandoval-Pratt, Diamond Star

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