Shopping At Home Is A Good Deal For Everyone


The power of your shopping dollar is strong. A dollar spent locally is spent again and again in the Rim Country.

For example, if you buy holiday presents at a local gift shop, that dollar is used to buy light bulbs from a local hardware store. The hardware store uses the dollar to pay the salary of an employee, who spends it on lunch at a local restaurant. The restaurant owners use the money to pay their cleaning company, which in turn uses the money to purchase logo shirts from the screen print shop. The owner of the screen print shop uses the dollar to purchase a bicycle for his son from the local bike shop.

When the cycle ends, at least six different businesses in our community have benefited from your original purchase. These hometown businesses are operated by people who work hard to provide jobs and services we all need.

So, this holiday season, please remember the power of your dollar and how it benefits you and all our friends and neighbors right here at home.

The communities in the Rim Country have a wonderful selection of gifts to choose from. You can buy the special lady in your life a piece of beautiful jewelry; find the family cook a special new cookbook or unusual ingredient at one of the many gift stores in our area; electronic gifts are available at several different shops in Payson; there are plenty of toys to delight every girl and boy, too.

With the price of gas, a trip to the Valley for holiday shopping is no bargain these days. Combine the added cost of fuel with the aggravation of city traffic and crowds, and it makes even more sense to make this year a true Rim Country Christmas and buy your gifts locally.

In today's edition of the Roundup, we have a special supplement, 2005 Hometown Holiday Shopping Guide, to show readers where special Christmas gifts are just waiting to be taken home.


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